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What originally started out as a simple experiment has blossomed into a minor obsession.
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Wednesday, June 2

Update 6/2/2004

added blogger comment field to this page
Wednesday, June 02, 2004

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Wednesday, February 25  
Lost Reflections

Quickly, She turns and pauses to see
that the mirror's reflection is not she
Only of a woman now lost in memory's past
images of what could have been, now miscast

Unwedded, barren-the Marine's cyprian lady-fair
Sadik's hate, his unholy horror biding a haunting ebony-eyed stare
but, Do his words ring true? Thoughts unresolved tear in one's inner core
She's lost the woman she once was, at times …….. even more

Yesterday's terror building inside her mind…What if he was right?
His words echo unrelenting, never-ending into sleepless nights
Lullabies of seduction compromise a complacent life
Single, lonely, cutting through her being like a double-edged knife

Deafening whispers of need to her soulmate/friend
Realizing too late that NEVER meant forever. Amen!
Desires of comfort's touch, his warmth, his tender care
Eye to eye gazing into that haunting azure blue stare

Bring forth life and prosper-“they say”, Hope lies in living free once more
All that remain are battle scars from the modern day war
“Make it all better, Harm. Can it get any worse?”
Burdens weigh heavy, a soldier's curse

Tearfully she wonders: Have her losses out weigh her gains?
Images in the mirror ascertain a feminine disdain
When does a single death put one over the edge?
Does it start with a promise? Does it end with a pledge?

She cries for his touch, his warmth and his love…still reaching out for her soulmate/friend
She turns, pausing to view the reflections of a woman forgotten, once again

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

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